GoWISE Power 12-inch RV Electrical Adaptor (15 Male and 30 Female w/ Handle for Female Plug - 12AWG) - GoWISE USA

GoWISE Power 12-Inch RV Electrical Adapter with Handle 15-Amp Male to 30-Amp Female

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GoWISE Power RV Adapters are a handy item to bring on your next road trip! The flexible 12-inch cord allows you to connect your RV power anywhere. The unique handle design allows the user to grip, plug and unplug the adapter safely and hassle-free. The STW cord makes it suitable for use in different weather conditions.

  • 12-inch RV Electrical Adaptor 12 AWG/3, STW cord
  • 15A Male plug to 30A Female plug
  • Easy-grip handle for Female plug to make unplugging easier
  • Heavy-duty durability for all-weather use